Code / Concepts / Tools

As both an artist and programmer telematique is experienced with the complex natures of innovative processes and in providing extraordinary technical solutions that meet the demanding requirements of any given creative environment.

This covers a broad field from conception, planning and programming to the interactive presentation of a diverse range of media content.

telematique develops tailor-made software solutions that enable ideas to be implemented where conventional software reaches its limits.
Custom made tools are developed that synchronize light, video and sound, control motors or capture the world with sensors.

These creative works are presented both in art world at festivals, museums and theaters, as well as in commercial sector such as media productions at trade fairs or video projections on building facades.

Software Tools:
telematique mainly creates its programs with
Max from Cycling '74
, but also feels at home in other software environments.

(OpenCV, pygame, tensorflow),
Arduino IDE
(LEDs, sensors, motors),
C# (Unity),
Lingo (Adobe Director)

telematique is also familiar with other media tools and combines them into an individual overall system.

Selection of media tools:
Ableton Live / Max for Live (DAW),
(Projection Mapping),
, Resolume (Vj Software),
Adobe After Effects
/ Premiere (Motion Design),
Cinema 4D / Sketchup (3D),
Unreal Engine / Unity (Game Engine),
/ Screenav (Mediaserver)

If further expertise is required, telematique falls back on a broad network of programmers, architects and musicians.

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Selected Projects

telematique, interactive installation , Character Proxemics, inter_faces, pictoplasma 2019, hologram, panorama video Character Proxemics
Immersive interactive A/V Installation
Max, Unity, Madmapper, Ableton Live

telematique, code, David Bowie, Ausstellung, interaktive installation, "Ziggy Stardust yourself", Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin David Bowie Exhibition
Interactive Installation
Max, OpenCV, PHP, Python, gPhoto

telematique, Immersive VR Installation, Hatsune Miku, Still Be Here, code, software, interaction design, stage video, projection mapping, videomapping, media server Hatsune Miku - Still be here
Immersive VR Installation

telematique, interactive video installation, Eadweard's Ear, Uferstudios Berlin, series photographsEadweard's Ear
Interactive Video Installation
Max, OpenCV, gPhoto, Python, openframeworks

telematique, u-matic, protoplay, interactive, installation, TriangTriangTriang, triangtriangtriang, moet hennessy, Fotobox, video mapping sculpture, 2015TriangTriangTriang
Interactive Mapping Installation
Max, Madmapper, Arduino, PHP

telematique, interactive art installation, Loomen, lightpainting, Software tool, Danny Doom Loomen Tool
Interactive Installation
Max, Python, gPhoto

telematique, Interaktive Installation, Everybody is a Composer, alle komponerer, Oslo, Magne Furuholmen, autokolor alle komponerer - everybody is a composer
Interactive Installation
Max, Ableton Live, OpenCV

telematique, installation cubus, ifa opening gala, 2008 CUBUS - IFA opening Gala
Interactive Video Installation

telematique, u-matic, generative video, a/v performances, live video, vj-performance generative video
Generative Live Visuals
Max, Ableton Live, OpenCV, openframeworks

telematique, Code, Rausch und Zorn, LIGNA, Max, Cycling74, Frankfurt Rausch und Zorn
Interactive Video Installation
Max, Python

video installation, telematique, u-matic, protoplay, boiler room, berlin, 2017Landebahn
Panorama Video Installation
Max, Raspberry Pi, pygame

telematique, interactive installation, video installation, CTM Fear Anger Love Triptychon, Timm Ringewaldt, Sven Gareis, Fotobox, Stefan Brunner, emotion detection, CTM-Festival, 2017 Fear Anger Love Triptychon
Interactive Video Installation
Max, Ableton Live, PHP, OpenCV, tensorflow

video installation, telematique, u-matic, protoplay, PARA NOISE, CTM-festival, Berlin PARA NOISE
Holografic A/V Installation
Max, Ableton Live, pygame, Raspberry Pi

telematique, u-matic, a/v installation, tornado, generative video, video installation Installation tornado
Gererative Video
Max, Ableton Live

telematique, installation, IN THAT WEIRD PART, A/V Installation, general public, Berlin, 2012 IN THAT WEIRD PART
A/V Installation
Max, Youtube API

telematique, u-matic, audiovisual installation, Schattengewächse, ACUD NACHT NEU gallerySchattengewächse
Audiovisual Performance
Max, Arduino

telematique, installation, vidoemapping, panasonic convention, hamburg, 2012 Panasonic Convention
Projection Mapping Installation
Max, Screenav

telematique, installation, surface-refinement, Cinder Block, a/v installation, Tob Jona, visomat inc., Gaite-Lyrique, Paris, 2011 Surface Refinement
Projection Mapping Installation
Max, Ableton Live

telematique, installation, neoFacebox, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neoFacebox
Interactive Video Installation
Max, Watchout

telematique, installation, neo_architect, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neo_architect
Projection Mapping Installation
Max, Watchout

telematique, installation, neoChor, ZDFneo, IFA, 2010 ZDFneo - neoChor
Interactive Audio/Video Installation
Max, Watchout

interactive videoinstallation Pulskurve, telematique Pulskurve
Interactive Video Installation
Max, Arduino

videomapping, projection mapping, video performance, live, telematique,club transmediale, 2009, a/v performance, audio/visual surface refinement
Interactive A/V Projection Mapping Installation
Max, Ableton Live

telematique, u-matic, LFT, installation adaptateur 6x6, cimatics festival 2007 adaptateur 6x6 + errorsmith
Interactive Light and Video Installation
Adobe Director, Modul8, Python

telematique, lft, u-matic, installation adaptateur 6x6,  den haag, wasted3 festival adaptateur 6x6
Interactive Light and Video Installation
Adobe Director, Modul8, Python

vj-telematique, sequenz box, interactive video installation, nokia sequenz box
Interactive Video Installation
Adobe Director

vj telematique, light installation, wasted 2, club maria berlinadatpateur adaptateur
Interactive Light Iinstallation
Adobe Director

telematique, code, tools, pixmix, video mapping, berlin, max pixmix
Vj Software
Adobe Director

vj-telematique, installation, automatenbar, berlin automatenbar jukebox
A/V Installation
Adobe Director

telematique, code, tools, ofAtem, automatenbar, openframeworks, Max, Ableton Live, berlin ofAtem
Software Tool
openframeworks, Max, Ableton Live

telematique, boogywoogy
Interaktive Lichtsteuerung boogywoogy
Interactive Light Control Software
Adobe Director

telematique, code, tools, geoplay, Videomapping, Projection Mapping, berlin, max, 2007 geoplay
Projection Mapping Software

telematique, code, tools, AKAI APC 40, APC40_route, Berlin, max APC40_router
Midi Mapping Tool for Modul8
Max, Modul8