A/V performance

Nightshades is an audio-visual performance with kinetic light- and sound-objects by u-matic and telematique.

LEDs, Motoren, Arduino, DMX Lichtsteuerun, Kontaktmikrofone, Midi Controller, Computer, Stereo Soundsystem

, Arduino

Light and Motion

The installation consists of an arrangement of kinetic objects illuminated by miniature LED-lamps that project shadows onto the surrounding walls. The movement of the light-sources and the objects are controlled live. Sharpness, size and transparency of the shadows vary according to the momentary spatial arrangement of lamps, objects and projection surface. Thus, an interplay between absolute darkness and areas of illumination, between lit objects and their over-sized shadows, is created.


Each distinct light-source represents an individual viewpoint onto the scene which is assigned with a specific sound. Some objects generate sounds through their movement; other sounds are being created live and in-sync with the light. All the discreet sounds are woven into a complex composition which interacts with the light- and motion-elements of the installation.

Live Performance

During the live-performance sets of the kinetic objects are exchanged successively. Within these sets the forms and materials of the objects are diversified. The arrangement and selection of the sets is modified in relation to the site-specifics of the venue. In this way, an ever-changing composition of light and sound arises that highlights the choreography created by the artists.


All software to control light, sound, as well as the kinetic objects, is developed by the artists.



Change of Perspective

Using light and shadow as a creative means plays with experience and challenges cognition in the darkness. Like a magnifying lens, the lighting glides over the moving objects in the darkness, thereby elevating and dramatizing them.
At the same time, this exposed singular image is existing only for a moment. What has just appeared distinct and defined-- a clear-cut object-- is dissolving into a multitude of individual points of view.
What has just seemed possible to fixate upon, reproducible and therefore permanent, is fleeting in the next moment. It is an impression of uncertainty that may be retrieved as a memory at best.


With this live-performance we explore an experimental approach where we focus on the process. Unique and unexpected relationships between light and sound, motion and shadow, objects and space constitute the material from which we improvise a vivid environment with a multi-layered and mysterious atmosphere expressed in abstract and minimal aesthetics.