telematique akai apc40 router


free software tool for Mac OSX



The simply maps the Midi note data to Midi controller data comming from the Midi Controller Akai APC40.
This is necessary becausethe vj software Modul8 (and perhaps other applications) can not differentiate between these two Midi event types and we also are not able to change the mapping on the Akai APC40 hardware.

Hopefully this tool will be needless in the future ;-)

For using the midi-router with Modul8, you have to follow this Steps

- Start the Application
- Disable midi input from APC40 in Modul8
Modul8 > Preferences > Key/Midi Mapping

This tool is free, but i can not give any guarantees.
I have tested the app with Modul8 2.6.1. with OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

The program is written in MaxMsp 5.1.3
I have also incuded the source. If you have a copy of MaxMsp, feel free to modify it.

have fun!

>download version1.0.1 of apc40_router here