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Actual informations and event notes from telematique concerning the following fields:

  • audio/Visual concerts
  • vj performances
  • interactive installations
  • light Installations
  • lectures
  • video productions
Archive of dates

dates 2004


pfefferberg, berlin

live videoshow for liebe ist cool


deep, berlin

vj performance by telematique


watergate, berlin

record release party: liebe ist cool
live videoshow


memex, berlin

live videoshow for david wagners reading

dates 1998-2004
project: monitor.automatique

07.08.2004 vj performance, automatenbar, berlin
23.07.2004 vj performance, memex_7 conference, berlin
15.07.2004 vj performance, bread & butter, berlin
15.07.2004 vj performance, würfel, berlin
15.07.2004 screening, rothko, new york
10.07.2004 vj performance, the club exchange, zürich
03.07.2004 vj performance, contact europe 2004, berlin
28.06.2004 dvd release, DIN AV
30.06.2004 artist in residence, v2_, rotterdam
12.06.2004 vj performance, vips's lab, rotterdam
20.05.2004 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
08.05.2004 vj performance, FLYzone, valletta(malta)
24.04.2004 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
02.04.2004 vj performance, deep, berlin
26.03.2004 vj performance, moonbunny, berlin
25.03.2004 video installation, haus hardenberg gala, berlin
19.03.2004 screening, cinetrip, budapest
27.02.2004 vj performance, würfel, berlin
16.02.2004 screening, t-minus movie festival, new york
07.02.2004 vj performance, club transmediale, berlin
08.02 2004 video installation, club transmediale, berlin
31.12.2003 vj performance, rio, berlin
06.12.2003 vj performance, zora lanson, berlin
06.12.2003 vj performance, heeresbäckerei, berlin
22.11.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
11.10.2003 vj performance, rio, berlin
28.09.2003 vj performance, share, new york
26.09.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
05.09.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
06.08.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
01.08.2003 vj performance, automatenbar, berlin
30.07.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
09.07.2003 video installation, kinzo, berlin
21.06.2003 video installation, goldener hirschen, berlin
14.06.2003 vj performance, maria am ufer, berlin
14.06.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
06.06.2003 vj performance, golden gate, berlin
17.05.2003 video installation, bochumer videofestival
30.04.2003 vj performance, automatenbar
18.04.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
01.03.2003 vj performance, robert johnson, frankfurt a. m.
18.04.2003 vj performance, kinzo, berlin
14.02.2003 vj performance, teddy awards, berlin
01.02.2003 vj performance, berlinischen galerie, berlin
08.02.2003 video installation, club transmediale 03, berlin
23.01.2003 vj performance, netmage03, bologna
18.01.2003 vj performance, id - festival, berlin
21.12.2002 vj performance, bötzow brauerei, berlin
20.12.2002 vj performance, automatenbar, berlin
07.12.2002 vj performance, lebensfreude, berlin
23.11.2002 vj performance, staatsbank, berlin
13.10.2002 video installation, café moskau, berlin
14.09.2002 video installation, lisa lounge, berlin
12.09.2002 vj performance, nbi, berlin
06.09.2002 vj performance, palast der republik, berlin
17.08.2002 vj performance, rummelsburger bucht, berlin
13.06.2002 vj performance, bootlab, berlin
12.06.2002 lecture, haus der kulturen der welt, berlin
10.02.2002 video installation, club transmedilale, berlin
07.05.2000 video installation, maria am ostbahnhof, berlin
05.05.2000 vj performance, veejay groove, berlin
02.02.2000 video installation, club transmediale, berlin
07.11.2000 videoinstallation, wmf club, berlin
28.12.2001 vj performance, pixels festival, strassbourg
20.10.2001 vj performance, videA festival, barcelona
09.08.1999 video installation, flora & fauna Lounge, berlin
10.07.1999 vj performance, loveparade, bpitch, berlin
21.02.1999 vj performance, transmediale, berlin
01.11.1998 video installation, maria am ostbahnhof, berlin
05.08.1998 video installation, berlinbeta, berlin
07.08.1996 installation bitstream, kunst raum mitte, berlin

1998 - 2002 countless vj performances at
wmf club & club maria

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