31.03.2011 La Gaîte lyrique, Paris

BETON - audiovisual Performance


Beton is a joint venture of telematique and u-matic (Video), Bogger and Miwon (Audio).
The audiovisual live performance projects the complexity of a classic building material, and introduces the audience to the beauty of the urban desert.
Beton focusses on the basic element of urban form: from small particles to the surface and concrete architecture.
The poetic quality of concrete derives from its formability and universality. The amount of possibilities slumbering within this viscous substance is countless.
You can find concrete at every place, all over the world.
The soundtrack of Beton is designed by Bogger and Miwon: The producers bring together their signature sounds and present them as a vivid mix, referring to Ambient, IDM and modern electronic pop music.